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Posted on January 15, 2017 at 7:50 PM

Coconut Oil To Defeat Dandruff

If long-time use of chemical shampoos, conditioners, styling products, or colorants has left you with itchy, flaky, dandruff – you can use coconut oil to heal your scalp. Just follow these easy steps daily and watch your dandruff problems disappear:


– At the end of the day or shortly before bedtime, wash your hair with an all natural shampoo and condition as usual.


– Gather the following supplies: a comb or hair pick, two small bowls of different sizes (one should fit inside the other), a towel or cloth to cover your head overnight, and your jar of organic virgin coconut oil.


– Scoop a small portion of coconut oil into the smaller of the two bowls then place it into the bottom of the larger bowl.


– Fill the larger bowl with hot water so the smaller bowl is partially submerged, but not floating or taking on water.


– While you wait for your coconut oil to come to temperature, use your comb or hair pick to remove any tangles.


– Once the coconut oil is completely melted, use your fingers to gently massage the oil into your scalp. (If you have long hair, it may be easier to flip your head upside-down in order to apply oil to your entire scalp.)


– Wrap your head with the towel or cloth and leave coconut oil on your scalp overnight for best results.


The following morning, you may wish to use an epsom salt treatment to remove excess shed skin cells from your scalp.

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